Our Programs

We offer both Individual Evaluations and Team Screenings.

The evaluation/screening will assess:
- Shoulder Motion and Strength
- Posture and Symmetry
- Scapula Strength
- Lower Extremity Motion
- Movement Dysfunction

The Individual Evaluation also includes specific range of motion measurements for the shoulder and hip, photos of posture and scapula symmetry, and strength assessments.

The Individual Evaluation takes approximately 1 hour. In a Team Screening individuals are assessed for approximately 20 minutes. A team is any group of 5 or more athletes.

Following the evaluation/screening we develop training programs/classes for each individual to address any deficits observed in the evaluation.


Costs are as follows:
Individual Evaluation: $75

Team Screening:
$20 per athlete for 15 or more athletes
$30 per athlete for 10 - 15 athletes
$40 per athlete for 5 - 10 athletes

Training Programs/Classes:
Private: $75 per athlete
Semi-Private: $60 per athlete (2 athletes with 1 clinician)
Group: $40 (3-5 athletes with 1 clinician)

About Symetrix

Our goal at Symetrix is to evaluate athletes and develop a comprehensive program to increase performance and prevent injuries.

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For general information contact us at info@symetrixsp.com

Or contact our team members at:

Brian - brian@symetrixsp.com - 610-529-9557

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Mark - mark@symetrixsp.com - 484-225-8200

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