Rehabilitation following Tommy John Surgery

We've seen it countless times; a pitcher throws a pitch, grabs his elbow and walks off of the field with the athletic trainer. Usually within a few days, media reports indicate the pitcher has fully or partially torn his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). MRIs are obtained, orthopedic surgeons consulted, and in many cases the player opts to have Tommy John surgery to reconstruct the UCL. The next 12-18 months are then be filled with countless hours of rehabilitation to build strength, and patience to allow the reconstructed ligament to stabilize the elbow.

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Poor pitching mechanics and how to correct it

Why do pitchers get hurt? And why are they getting hurt at increasingly alarming rates? It's been a question that is asked around every baseball circle from the major leagues to youth organizations. As athletic trainers specializing in baseball, much of our careers have been dedicated to finding that answer. We have spent countless hours spent addressing posture, shoulder and scapula strength/ flexibility, and kinetic chain issues. Yet we find that pitching mechanics play the most important role when examining upper extremity injury and re-injury rates.

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Should young pitchers throw curve balls?

The Little League World Series and the Taney Dragons have captured the hearts of so many around the nation. They kept nearly everyone in the Philly area intrigued and watching the games from the edge of our seats. However, while watching the Little League World Series, I couldn't help but notice the number of curveballs being thrown. Read More

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Even Suspected Concussion Cause for Concern

Over the past decade, we have seen a significant change in the management and recognition of concussions. Many years ago, there was substantial dispute in simply diagnosing concussions with many people feeling that concussions only occurred when a person lost consciousness. Terms like "bell ringer" or "dings" were often used to describe and minimize the concern for some head injuries. Fortunately today, recognizing concussions has become much more common practice.

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Josh Harding and Staying Active with Multiple Sclerosis

Reaction time, vision, quick deliberate movements—these are important in most sports, but as a hockey goalie these skills are vital! Regular physical activity is important for everyone. For a person with Multiple Sclerosis, regular physical activity of moderate intensity is paramount to their long term health and mobility. Read more    

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Off-Season Throwing for Baseball and Softball Players

Throwing a baseball or softball is one of the most difficult activities in sports and requires extreme accuracy and skill. It is also one of the most unnatural motions in sports and leads to many injuries, especially among baseball pitchers.

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