10-Week Training Plan for Broad Street Run

The Broad Street Run lottery results are in!  Hopefully you won a spot in this year's run.This will be my first Broad Street Run, and I am excited to be a part of the largest 10 mile running event in America. If this is your first distance run, now is the time to pick up your training. There are only 10 weeks until the big day and if your longest run has been a 5k...  you have a little work to do between now and May 3. Don't worry though, with commitment you still have time and should be ready for race day.

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Relearning proper squatting technique

Is squatting a good exercise? Should I squat past 90 degrees? These are 2 questions I hear over and over as a clinician in the rehab setting. My answer to both questions is almost always "Yes." I would like all of my clients and patients to have the ability to squat. It is one of the most primitive and basic motions and all of us should be able to do it. But unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world and many people have not squatted correctly in many years; leading to knee, back, and other injuries.

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National Athletic Training Month: Are schools doing enough?

While watching our favorite sports teams, we are generally hoping for 2 things—a win for our team and no injuries. Injuries have always been a part of sports and likely always will be. The difference between a championship season and missing the playoffs may be 1-2 injuries. Fortunately, professional and college teams almost always have an athletic trainer on site to care for that injury. Read More

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The dangers of sports specialization

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, many parents find their free time booked solid shuttling their children from one activity to the next: baseball practice, dance class, swimming lessons, lacrosse games. Sports and activities are a rite of passage for many children and parents. They help children develop both physically and psychologically. Playing sports prepares them for success and failure in the future.

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Prognosis for Cliff Lee's return

The Phillies announced pitcher Cliff Lee was heading to the 15-day disabled list due to what have become the two most feared words in Major League Baseball—"elbow strain." Recently, a long list of pitchers have headed to the disabled list with similar ailments, only to be diagnosed with the dreaded ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) tear, the condition that leads to Tommy John Surgery. Read More

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Can we explain the increase in Tommy John surgeries?

Tommy John Surgery... the three words every baseball pitcher dreads hearing. It indicates a long tedious road of rehabilitation and valuable time away from the game. The rehabilitation following surgery generally takes 12 months to return to pitching and 18 for a full recovery. There are also usually 2-3 months prior to surgery where most pitchers follow conservative care attempting to avoid surgery. All told, it may be 2 years from initial injury until you are pitching 'normally' again.

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